Remove Glazing from Surface, Facade or Building

Is option to remove apertures/glazing from room surface, entire facade, or entire building a command option in Rhino Pollination?

Single aperture delete is easy, but don’t see batch delete option in PO commands i.e. select rooms then indicate facade or select room surface and delete all apertures on surface.

Hi @victorbrac, are you aware of the option to change the selection mode to be able to select the apertures directly?

That way you can delete all of them in one go. Here is a video that shows how it can be done.

To confirm, should “Disable Room Selection Mode” lock user from selecting/deleting rooms? Ideally, it would lock out rooms and only let you select apertures since drag select in Rhino is always moving rooms inadvertently.

See clip
Room Selection Mode On - still able to delete glazing
Room Selection Mode Off - still able to select/delete room

If you can do this, then it is a bug!

This is the intended behavior.

We should have probably called it SubFace Selection Mode.

cc: @mingbo

Would it be possible to have the mode lock rooms as well similar to layer lock in Rhino? So users could just select/work with subfaces? Depending on geometry and view, it can be difficult to cross window select apertures without selecting/moving rooms.

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I can see how this can be very useful for certain cases. What do you think about this, @mingbo?

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If I can chime in here, @victorbrac, when you were able to select apertures with room selection on, were those apertures orphaned? What I mean by that is were they stand-alone windows not assigned to the rooms? In this instance, you’d be able to select the aperture even if you had room selection turned on.

Room Selection Mode On - still able to select glazing by cross window select

This is fixed, and will be in the next release.

I think this also is a great opportunity for me to write detailed documentation for “Room Selection Mode”:

Room Selection Mode

When turned ON (room selection mode), it allows users to select a room with all its children (apertures, doors, shades) as a whole room object. The same effect applies to the orphaned face/aperture/door as well. This is useful when users want to transform (move, scale, rotate, etc) a room as the whole object.

When turned OFF (element selection mode), the selection ignores all parent-child relationships and obeys what users selected. This turns all geometries into an independ state when users only want to select a part of a room’s child objects or room geometry itself.

I would suggest users to organize geometries by layers, so that you can get all features from the layer.

Now back to your original question: how to remove all apertures?

Do you know a command: PO_SelApertures, you can easily select all apertures from a room/face/buildings with the combination of the “Room Selection mode” off.

Please let me know if this helps.


Great writing @mingbo! We should add this to the user manual.

Let’s talk about the other commands. I think we might want to consider implementing some of them as options for the existing commands.

It’s in the user manual now: Using Room Selection Mode - Pollination User Manual