Remove properties doesn't allways work

Hi all,

tried to use an “old” Pollination previously working model.
First there are no windows and doors in the manager visible. (Same with other old ones)
No color previews possible
Model is regarded valid
When I select the geometries I can remove the properties.
So I went back and reassigned window and doors internal and external.
For some reason I made a mistake and had to remove a couple of internal doors and reassign them. Which I somehow managed, because they don’t disappear always when properties are removed.
Finally everything in the color previews locked nice, but after validation I got this.

Ok back to zero and start over again.

What I also realized, the construction isn’t updated in the color preview when changed in the model. U-Value for instance is.
After a restart it’s there.

When I select 22 Rooms and add 17 internal doors. Two of them are not assigned to two rooms. Which ones changes depending on the way I worked before.

In the meantime I had three different results.
I assume if I now try to fix this manually again I’ll end up with the first picture.

By the way I also had a case when internal aperture and internal door used the same geometry and the model was still regarded valid.

Tried to remove one of those doors PO_RemoveProperties

but it still seems to be connected. Refresh doesn’t change a thing.

Strangely if I assign this door to the Room a copy is made and it appears on the active layer?

Hi @martin6, sorry for the very late reply.

PO_RemoveProperties command only removes properties from selected geometries, it won’t remove anything from any object’s parent objects.

In your case, if you only selected the door object and used the PO_RemoveProperties command, it removed all properties from this door geometry and it became a clean Rhino geometry. However, the room that originally hosted this door is still untouched. Meaning the room still kept the id of the door as one of its child objects.

If you want to remove this door from the room, you can simply delete the door.