Request: CheckJobStatus to show completion time

Hi guys,

While simulations are running, the CheckJobStatus component conveniently shows how long the job has been running, but when the job is completed, it just says “Completed”.

If it’s not too much effort, I would like to request that you display the final runtime on completed jobs too.

Hi @Max ! Do you mean to add a purely visual representation or to add an output that has the run stats to be used in downstream components?

cc: @mingbo

Ha, actually that is the first thing I did when creating this component. I think it still displays the total runtime before showing the final “Completed” message, but it doesn’t stay on the UI. I think @tyler has a good idea here to add an output also for run stats as well.

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Hi @tyler, I mean purely a visual representation. I wouldn’t want to use it as an output, it’s just helpful to see how long the last one took when I’m thinking of re-running it and want to assess if it’s worth the wait or whether my sensor-count had a wrong setting etc.