Requesting best practices for building energy modelling in Revit

Hi guys

At my company we are looking into exporting energy models from Revit using the Pollination plugin. Our early conclusion is that the models we receive from the architects need to be tweeked a little to help Pollination produce smooth export models. This is the first time we export from Revit, so we have no prior experience with this and would love to drag from the years of experiences from the community.

So far I’ve found the following guides

Pollination: Modeling Best Practices - Pollination User Manual
Green Building: gbXML Green Building - gbXML Resources

But I bet you guys have come across other roadblocks than these.

Would you guys be able to share some good practice advices? I was thinking that collecting this information could be a nice tool for the community in general.

Thanks in advance!


Thank you Mark for starting this conversation. I want to add one item here that is not related to how to prepare the geometry itself. It is more about how you can set up your workflows between the offices.

If you are not the owner of the model, take the time to document and communicate your challenges with the people who prepare the model. You will be surprised that some of those changes are easy to make for them but they just don’t know that those changes are important for you.

Also, if you use the Pollination Revit plugin and it doesn’t give you what you need in the first try, communicate the issues to us. We are here to get it fixed for you! And we listen to all your needs. I can’t promise to address every issue for every model but I can promise that we will listen and we will get you as close as possible.

The problem of extracting a clean model from Revit is not a 0-1 situation. There is a spectrum of what can be done and there is so much time that can be saved. As I have been saying, none of us went to school because we wanted to spend time tracing 2D plans! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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