Revit cannot run the external application Pollination.Revit

Thanks to the LB Tools team for the Pollination Revit plugin.

I was trying to test the Pollination’s Revit plugin.
But after installation of the Revit plugin (Plugin v2.32.5 on Revit 2021), I am getting the following error “Revit cannot run the external application ‘Pollination.Revit’”

I have included the screenshot of the error message below:

Request your help to resolve this error.
Thanks in advance!

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Hi @rajeshwaralu, Thank you for reporting the bug. The error seems to have something with loading Eto. I assigned @ksobon to this task so he can help you with the issue.

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@rajeshwaralu the error posted here states that Eto.Gtk could not be loaded. That’s a Linux library for Eto. My question would be, what kind of computer/operating system are you on? Why would it be looking for Linux dependencies? As far as I know, Revit is only supported for Windows.

Hi @ksobon, Thanks for taking a look into this. I am trying to test the plugin in my work laptop (HP elitebook) which runs on Windows 10 Pro. Not sure why it is looking for a Linux dependency.
But the plugin worked on my personal machine (also a Windows 10 machine using Revit 2020).
Will check from my end and as well please let me know if you find the reason for this issue.
Thanks, Raj.

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Has there been any resolution with this issue? I am receiving the same error.

Hi @ahosseini,

Great to see you here! :slight_smile: See the post below. It seems to be because antiviruses are blocking the file that is validating the license for the plugin.

Here are more details about the same issue: