Revit installation error: The system cannot find the file specified

Hi all,

Also got an error when trying to load Pollination 2.35 in Revit 2021 (Screenshot below).

Any advice would be much appreciated.


Hi @md1,

Can you try to install the latest version and see if the problem still exists? It should be version 2.40.4. Thanks.

That error would be caused by the fact that the license exe the talib.exe is probably getting blocked or is missing. It could be missing if anti-virus software blocked and remove it.

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@md1 I am sorry I just realized that my answer wasn’t clear. Let me try again.

When Pollination for Revit is installed in %appdata%\Autodesk\Revit\Addins\version\Pollination.Revit folder there should be another folder inside of it called talib like so:

Inside of that folder should be talib.exe file:

Please check that it’s there after the installation or that it’s not blocked.

Like I said, if it’s not there, it’s probably because of the antivirus, removing it and putting it into quarantine etc. It could also be blocking it from being executed which is what the revit plugin is trying to do.

Hope this helps.


@ksobon I am receiving this error when installing the Revit Pollination plugin. The installation gets stuck after talib.exe is blocked and will not proceed. I am not able to turn off Carbon Black Cloud on my machine. Are there any plans to provide an alternative solution to this?

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Yes, I think we are moving away from talib.exe in the future. I don’t know if the new solution contains any EXE files that would cause the same issues. That’s a question for @mostapha @mingbo At the moment, there isn’t anything that we can do to avoid this. You have to work with your IT to unblock these files. I am sorry, but that’s our licensing agent, if we remove it then you would have an unlicensed version - free forever. :slight_smile: I don’t know that @mostapha wants to go for that.

Hi @justinshultz! Sorry for facing this issue. I had a call with @victorbrac today and he was facing a similar issue.

We have a new option and we have already implemented it in the Rhino plugin. There is no .exe file in the process anymore and we are quite happy with the solution. I already opened an issue for transitioning to the new license and we will switch the Revit plugin to the new licensing too which should resolve this problem.

@mostapha that’s wonderful news!

Looking forward to seeing the updated Revit install.

Hi @justinshultz and everyone! Thanks to @ksobon and @mingbo’s work we have a new version of the installer with the new licensing service. It should resolve the problem here. You can download it from this link.


That worked for me! Thank you for the quick turn around on a new installer. Looking forward to using this on a few upcoming projects.

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