Revit Plug in work environment

Is the Revit Plug in will be close to Revit ElumTools Plug in where you don’t need to leave the Revit environment ? Sorry for the lack of knowledge.

Hi @haytham,

The Revit plugin is similar to other Pollination plugins that you can run the recipes and visualize the results without leaving the Revit interface. Try to login to Pollination and then click on Recipe manager.

You can select the recipe, and run it from inside Revit. Most of the recipes, but not all of them, will load the results back into Revit upon completion. You can start by trying the daylight factor recipe.

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I received an error when trying to run the simulation, do you have a step by step tutorial ?

Hi @haytham ! It’s possible that the error you experienced is because your session expired if you logged in to Pollination more than an hour before you tried to create the project.

I’m currently working on a solution to this.

In the meantime, would you be able to log out (there is a button in the ribbon to do so) and logging back in and then try to run the simulation again?

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