Revit Plugin export to HBJSON in metric units


Is it possible for the revit Plugin to export in metric to hbjson?
My revit is all metric as is Rhino, but when I import in grasshopper to view the hbjson file I have to switch to feet to import the model.

Hi @paul,

Right now, we export all the models in the underlying Revit units which is Feet. We discussed implementing the unit translation but we decided not to do it for now because it is quite easy to change the units inside Rhino which will rescale the model for you. Is that an acceptable solution for now? Or do you see this as a real pain point in your process?

Hey Mostapha try meters as default and see if people see it as a pain point.

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Hi @mostapha ,

No it is not a problem, I just want to make sure I had not missed something, and yes rhino can convert to m, just lose nice whole numbers when you convert back and fore :slight_smile:
Thanks for the clarification.

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:laughing: Tell me about that. If it was up to me, it would have been metric! But this is how Revit is set up to work.

Unfortunately, that will happen anyways. Even if we translate the values to model units we have to the multiplication unless @ksobon knows a better way to access the values in model units directly.