Rh tool: edit room data window default sizing (may be the tiniest most nitpicky thing I've ever brought up)

I don’t know if this is just my machine, problem in seat not equipment (most likely), a windows 11 thing, etc; but:
… the OK and Cancel buttons get cut-off by like a px or two when I get to this part of the menu.
Is seriously the least important and not actually an issue thing ever but it kind of tinges my OCD a tiny touch… and would be a thing that I would adjust were I to be writing for the UI so thought I may as well bring it up…
SORYY… I love the tools and almost feel kinda bad even mentioning this :sweat_smile:

Hi @tfedyna,

I have seen it happens on a several machines, but I couldn’t find what went wrong without able to reproduce the problem on my side. I just added a few more checks and hopefully it would fix it on your side.

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oh wow thanks @mingbo! Like I said I don’t feel like this is a big deal at all; just thought It was somthing I’d want to be aware of were I the UI dev, I’ll follow up on here when I update the Rh tools and let you know if the new feats changed things up!