Rhino 7 - Importing HBSJON freezes Rhino screen


After importing a large HBSON file, my Rhino app gets frozen on the Pollination Error screen.

I am not able to close the Warning Screen.

Hi @moses-woolpert, what is exactly stopping you from closing the menu? From the message in the bar, the model has been imported successfully. Is it because Rhino is running some additional post processing?

If you can share the model with us, either myself or @mingbo can test it on our end.

I hit the ‘close’ button on the warning screen, however it doesnt close.

This is after I have added alot of ‘Context Shade’ elements and it seems the Warning does not close.

As an alternative to ‘import HBJSON’ I use ‘Open File’ on the HBJSON and that seems to allow the file to open completely.

By the way, is there a way to prevent the Context Shades from exporting?
When it comes to Rooms, they have to be high-lighted blue in order to export, however the Context Shades seem to export if they are selected or not.

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Good to know! That’s what I always use. @mingbo, is there a difference between the two that can cause this issue?

Not in the current version! I know it is not ideal. :man_facepalming: The good news is that it will be available in the upcoming release.