Rhino plugin - Version 1.5.2

Hello, Pollination community!

We are excited to announce the public release of the Rhino plugin version 1.5.2 with some special features and bug fixes.


  • Support partial export: Pollination export extensions are now compatible with Rhino’s export selected option. This feature is especially useful for those who want to export a partial model from Rhino.

  • Support for partial validation: In addition to partial model export, you can use the PO_ValidateModel command to QA/QC your partial export. This feature will help you run quick validation on a smaller part of the model instead of running validation on a whole building model.

  • Improved IES GEM import and export.

    • Importing holes from GEM files are now supported. The holes are translated into AirBoundaries in Pollination and are translated back to holes when the model is exported as a GEM file.
    • If shades are created from closed BREPs then will be translated to shade groups. The shades with a single face are extruded to create a volume. This change ensures that the shades work well with SunCalc.
    • Importing and exporting adjacent buildings is now supported.
    • Previous versions of the Pollination Revit Plugin resulted in bugs with importing skylights. This is now fixed for almost all horizontal faces. For more information, see this link.

Notable Fixes

  • The PO_AddRoomByLayer command now keeps the display name the same as the layer name. For context on this issue, check out this topic on Discourse.

Other Changes

Special shoutout to @lharr, @asisnath, @amirtabadkani, @tfedyna, and Toby Akehurst for their contributions to this release by providing feedback and reporting bugs. :raised_hands: