Rhino Pollination Plugin - Room Property Issues

I’m getting some strange behaviour, when I click on edit room properties I get no property window, (occasionally it appears half on half off screen so use alt + space and M to get to back on screen likely different issue?)
When no window appears, rhino seems ok but can get no autocomplete to work in command window i.e. type PO_ nothing happens or any “normal” rhino command, use an icon or type full command, command activates as normal, then auto-complete starts working again, but can not access room properties.
Model reports valid in hbjson save check.
Close reopen rhino same issue.
Removed multiple screens, only work on laptop screen same issue.
Colour rooms / other PO_ commands seems to work correctly (have not checked all!)

Any pointers appreciated.

Windows 10
Rhino 7.15.22039.13001
pollination (removed and reinstalled - issue remains)

Hi @paul,

Thank you for the explanation. Is it possible for you to capture a video so we can see what’s going on? Does it happen for you for a specific model or all the models? What happens if you right-click and select edit properties instead of trying to double-click?

Ok, seems like it is a computer issue

Working on laptop with large wide monitor.

Take 1
Initial video capture on large monitor - app full screen:
PO_EditRoomProperties command, also same issue with right click on room and edit properties except it requests a room even though initiated via right click on room, no menu.
issue as described, but screen grab only grabbed a portion of the screen did not show right hand side of rhino with rooms!

Take 2
Reduced app size to half screen on large monitor, started capture:
Commands work but menu appears half off screen (out top of screen), can use alt +space M to get window onto screen, cascade or alt + tab does nothing assume as it is an app window not a “windows” window.
Screen video does not show app window as off camera!

Take 3
Disconnected monitor, laptop with no additional monitor.
Started screen grab, every thing works as expected…

Attached main monitor, behaviour as above again??

Conclusion - not app but setup (apologise) could it be some kind of screen buffer issue?

Due to multiple locations of work laptop does have multiple monitor setups unsure if this compounds’ the issue?

Did not attach screen videos as showed nothing!

Post note, issue with command not completing happens when window is open, so could be command not completing is a non issue, but that the app window has initiated off all screens.