RhinoGH installer - Program ended with an error exit code

Downloaded the latest RH installer.
In the process i get the following:

After closing that the installation ends unsuccessfully.
The pollination folder was removed but the ladybug tools folder is still there in the Program Files directory.
Any ideas?

Hi @ayezioro, could you check if you could find the InstallationLog.log file in the C:\Program File\ladybug_tools? If yes, could you upload it here so that we can see the real error message for debugging.

Sure @mingbo !
Here it is:

installLog.zip (2.1 KB)


Hi @ayezioro,

It seems you have the Ladybug.Executor.exe open (usually opened by Versioner) which causes the installed failed to overwrite it.

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This was helpful @mingbo ,
What happened is that i tried to install the RH pollination. It was taking so long, more than 10 minutes, that i canceled it. Tried again and then the issue appeared.
Now i deleted the ladybug tools folder and installed from fresh, which finally worked.


Thanks @ayezioro for letting me know this issue was solved. Yes, the installation process usually takes about 10 minutes.