Room Height Resetting Using Detailed method

Hi all.

I’m trying to get a couple images for a demonstration I’m doing on Pollination Revit, and am using the basic Revit model to capture the images.

I was having trouble with the room heights, so consulted the YT page and found a video that I thought would help (Pollination Revit Plugin: Override and Reset Room Height - YouTube). However, after following the steps, even after overriding the heights of the rooms, they seem to reset to the base values whenever I try to preview the model.

Before hitting the preview button

After hitting the preview button

I’m also unsure what is happening to the roof, and why there is a hole.

Any help would be great.

Using Revit 2022

Find the sections of the workshop video that we fix these issues and share them here.

This is not really a bug but it is really confusing. The height adjustment in the detailed mode can only be used to add to the heights of the room. In your case, you are trying to make the room shorter. @ksobon, is this something that we can improve now that we can mix Dragonfly and Honeybee schemas?

In any case, in the upcoming release, you can select a different method for each story. That means that you can export the first floor as extruded floor plans and use the detailed mode for the second floor. That should help with the issue in this particular case.

I go through both of these questions in detail during the AEC Tech workshop.

  1. The roof is leaking because of how the ceiling is being drawn. You can fix it by editing the footprint of the roof. Here is the link to the point that we discuss this issue: AECtech 2022 | Pollination Revit Plugin Masterclass - YouTube

  2. There is no room placed where the shaft is. That’s why you see it as empty. Here is the link to the time that I discuss this one: AECtech 2022 | Pollination Revit Plugin Masterclass - YouTube

Hey Konrad! Assigning you to this post in case you have any comments about overwriting the height of a room in detailed mode.

Brilliant, thank you for the response that helps explain everything.

Looking forward to that new release.

I’ll go fix the roof hole and take a look at the links you’ve sent over.

Thanks again :slight_smile: