Runs with models with assigned SHW fail

Hi Folks,

Runs with models that have SHW assigned (HB SHW System Component) fail. I cannot pin point anything else causing them to fail. And local LBT simulations (with SHW assigned) run successfully.

For example this run: 169c6e95-10ba-5faf-a269-76828ed64468

Hey @patrykwozniczka ,

What version of which recipe did you use? The custom-energy-sim recipe didn’t have support for SHWSystems until today. The annual-energy-use one should be good to go.

Ah, I found the bug. Thank you for reporting this. I am pushing a fix now and I’ll let you know when the recipe on Pollination is ready to run.

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The bug has been fixed in the latest recipes. Here’s an example of a successful run with detailed SHW systems: