Setup Runs Error

Hi I am getting the following error from my Setup Runs Component

  1. Set property ‘System.Windows.ResourceDictionary.Source’ threw an exception.

My account is successfully logged in and no inputs have been connected yet.

Hi @amynuccio, can you provide more information about the version of Rhino that you are using? and also the process to recreate this error. Does it happen right after you log into your account?

Hi Mostapha I am using Rhino 7. The error occurs directly after I have logged in and attempt to Get a recipe

Hi @amynuccio, I double checked with @mingbo and we don’t reference that library on our side. There is a similar issue reported on the Rhino forum. It looks like that it has to do something with your Rhino installation. Can you try to update to the latest Rhino release?