Shading geometries selection

Hi @mostapha and @chriswmackey

Is there any possibility to create a more automated way to select the shades?

I guess the inherent Pollination application in Revit is to skip the time-consuming geometrical modelling in Rhino or IES and simply translate them from Pollination in Revit, but the shading selection step is somehow against this approach. I wonder if we can select the geometries based on the defined Revit families or layers or etc. to make the selection much faster.


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Hi @amirtabadkani!

Have you seen the Add Shades from Selection option? You should be able to use any of Revit’s filtering and selection methods to select the items and then click on Add Shades from Selection to add them all to your model together. Here is a recording of how it is meant to be used. I use it with the select all instances method in this video but you can use it with any other selection/filtering method.

Hope it helps.

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Thanks, @mostapha

Yes thats what I was looking for.

And no I havent, is this added recently? The version I have is a bit different.


Glad to hear that.

Yes. This feature was added in version 2.70.0!

I know updating to a new version is a bit of work on your side. Give me a few hours and I should have the latest version released publicly which should also have a fix for the other model that you shared.

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