Should PO_SplitRooms command split apertures/doors?

@mingbo - did you have a moment to review this case?

I’m assigning this to Mingbo so it doesn’t get lost.

Hi @victorbrac,

Sorry for the late reply. I have been thinking about this command about whether it should split child objects.

One of the main reasons that I was reluctant to split apertures/doors within “PO_SplitRooms” is it would create “invalid” apertures/doors that contain edges that touch the room face’s boundary, and the “PO_OffsetChildObjects” command doesn’t work nicely in this case.

Recently, we have just improved the “PO_OffsetChildObjects” command with a robust solution, and now I am able to revisit this issue again.

Here is a demo of the improved “PO_SplitRooms” command work with “PO_OffsetChildObjects” command.


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