Simulation failed

Tried to do a simulation for the 3D_Model sample file. I sent it as is, just picked the epw and ddy.
The annual-energy-use recipe failed to simulate. See here for details. It says something like:

Status > child ‘0a69c968-dad2-5065-b08d-5d6b76c872df-78549840’ failed


Hi Abraham! Thank you for reporting this. The error happens in the step where the recipe tries to generate simulation params from the ddy file.

I suspected that the ddy file is really small in size and I re-ran the command locally with your files and here is the error message:

For some reason we don’t log the error message successfully. @antoinedao and @tyler this is one for you to have a look.

@chris, is there an alternative approach here for ddy files with no design day? @ayezioro might already know the answer. I’m asking for educating myself.

I can tell you. There is and i use it in GH. For the case i sent i used some ddy that is faulty instaedof using the one that the one created with the LBT_EPWtoDDY component.

I’ll try again with “good” files.
BTW, it can be good to use the location of resources/weather as default when you need to pick the weather file. I was lazy to do the search and used a different location on my computer.

I think by default it should open that folder the first time. Is that correct @mingbo? - If that’s not the case then we should probably have a shortcut to make it easy to load the weather files from that folder.

When i tried it opened a “very far” location … :slight_smile:

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Yes, I can just remove the check and then the simulation step will just try to approximate what the design days are by analyzing the data in the EPW file. I’ll remove the check in the core libraries now but it would take ~3 hours to update all of the recipes on production so I think I’ll save that for a later point.

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Ok, I removed the check in the core libraries:

The next time that we update all of the recipes, they will be able to accept the empty .ddy file.

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