Simulation Parameters input for annual energy recipe

I noticed that the energy-run recipe doesn’t have a sim_par input.
Makes sense to have it?
I’m running a case locally and on pollinator. Since i’m asking for some outputs that are not default, the cloud simulation is not calculating them while the local does.


Hey @ayezioro,

I can definitely add a recipe that lets you specify custom outputs that you want from EnergyPlus in the SQL. Exposing the whole SimulationParameter input might get a bit dicey right now since some of the SimulationParameter features aren’t really possible with the machines of our service but I think you are probably right that we really need the flexibility. I guess the only feature of SimulationParameters that really doesn’t work right now is the PixelCounting shadow calculation and that’s just because our cloud service uses CPUs that lack GPUs.

Alright, I’ll just add a “Custom Energy Sim” recipe soon that lets you specify the simulation parameters.

I can probably get this new recipe onto our staging environment by the end of today but I don’t know when we’ll be able to push it from staging into the production environment where you can test it. @Mostapha, let us know if you have any thoughts on this timeline.

Thanks for the update @chris!
Needless to say this is a critical issue (not right now, but generally speaking).
Hope it will be operative soon.

The “Custom Energy Sim” recipe gives you access to the simulation parameters and additional-string now.