Simulation wont end

Hi guys,

Finally got the opportunity to explore the plugin. Really powerful tools - so many use cases for us moving forward.

I am having a few issues with running a large parametric study. Firstly, i couldn’t run as a complete batch a( (1,296 simulations) as I would get an error. Secondly, after splitting the simulation into smaller chunks (216 simulations) it managed to run quickly however the process will not end. See below screen grab.

It has frozen my grasshopper as a result. Hoping you can assist.


Hi @pzac,

The grasshopper is frozen might be because the job was still running, and the plugin’s waiting for the “Ended” timestamp to be assigned.

I checked your job, it has been canceled. Did you try to run a new job?

Hi @pzac, Thank you for reporting the issue. I checked this run yesterday and resubmitted the single job. It should be finished now. We will have a closer look to ensure similar issues doesn’t happen again.