Snapshot Manager: Invalid Roof Verification Error

I am getting the Invalid Roof (100105) Verification Error as I work through the snapshot manager. My model is all 1 story, all 8’ high and roof is flat. I am unable to move or add/subtract vertices to fix the roof in the Snapshot Manager, so I do not know how to edit or re-draw the roof. Any tips or tricks would be much appreciated!!

Hi @eschwartz ,

Your model may look like it has flat roofs but, if you read the the 100105 error code documentation, you’ll see that this means you have exported your model with Roof geometries, which are typically meant to represent sloped roofs. Given that you’ve already said you want to work with flat roofs, I would just not export the roofs from the Revit model. I forget exactly where in the Revit export interface we have the option to not export Roof geometries but @mostapha would know.

Alternatively, a more immediate way to address this is to just select the roof geometries in the model editor and delete them. You can access them here:

That will get the error to go away.

Hi @eschwartz and @chriswmackey,

That would be nice but we don’t currently have such an option! :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

But it shouldn’t be a problem in this case. @eschwartz, this is most likely happening because the outlines of the roofs are not set correctly for an energy model. For an energy model with flat roofs that is using the extruded mode you can simply ignore it. It shouldn’t affect the energy model.

That said there are two ways to fix the outlines. You can either edit them in Revit using the Edit Footprint option.

Or you can edit them in Pollination using the alignment lines and trying to align them to cover the whole room and not intersect with one another. Ensure the show roofs is selected.

And then you can align them just like you would a room.

Thank you for posting this question on Discourse! Let us know if you have any questions.

I can delete them, but as soon as I re-save the snapshot, the roof re-appears.

I can also ignore the verification error and pretend it isn’t there, as it is the only error, but I don’t know if that will be a problem later on.

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As I mentioned above my suggestion is to ignore them! It won’t be a problem since you have flat roofs and the geometrical roofs are technically ignored. We should work on a better way to communicate this validation issue to avoid confusion. Sorry about that! :expressionless:

@chriswmackey, what do you think if we automatically remove the horizontal roofs from the export or the validation routine to avoid causing confusion? Is there a case that keeping them around will be useful?

Hi @eschwartz ,

Sorry that I gave some wrong info about the Revit plugin interface (I need to get some tokens or something to help me quickly check things on the Revit side). And thanks for reporting this:

It’s a bug in the model editor that we’ll get fixed shortly (CC: @antonellodinunzio ).

I’m also in the process of removing the 100105 ValidationError completely since we have methods in our geometry libraries that can automatically resolve the cases where roofs overlap with one another. I just put that validation error there temporarily because I haven’t implemented them yet. So some people with sloped roofs might need the validation error in order to highlight these cases so that they can fix them manually.

Long story short, just ignore the error for now. Because you want flat roofs for your case, the error is inconsequential.

I wouldn’t really want to do this, @mostapha , since there are cases where you have part of a roof over a room that’s sloped and another part that’s flat. So you need horizontal roofs to represent a case like this and removing them would just be fixing one case while making problems for others. The removing of the 100105 ValidationError is the ultimate way that we’ll address this and hopefully @antonellodinunzio can also fix the bug with the roofs not being deleted soon.

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Hi @eschwartz ,

I’m just letting you know that @antonellodinunzio fixed the issue with the roof deletion and it’s available in the Model Editor at the moment.

So just deleting the roofs from your model and saving it in the most recent version of the Model Editor is going to be the fastest way to getting the validation error to go away.

The process of removing the error completely from the software is a longer task for me that might take me a couple of weeks or more. But I’ll try to remember to post back here once it’s all implemented. That way, you won’t even need to delete roof geometries going forward if they overlap with one another.

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