Solve adjacency is missing a number of faces

No @mostapha I didn’t happen to get that far yet.

Today I simplified geometry but ‘PO_Solve Adjacency’ is unable to solve the whole assembly. Only some but not all floors and ceilings are solved. Walls not at all. I’m pretty sure the geometry is all right.

Remove room properties doesn’t work out of the Pollination Room manager. Only command line works.
I can add here, the interaction in between command line and Pollination Toolbar is also not given always.
Use PO_SelApertures, The Edit Icon doesn’t work. => No room was selected!. I need to call PO_SetApertureProperties then I can go on. But even when I mark rooms in the Pollination Toolbar it is not always sure when I hit the Edit Icon there will happen something. Often I have to mark the room in the scene and the something opens up.

The PO_Extract2DPlans also doesn’t work properly.

Here another version of the same geometry generated differently out of an extracted 2DPlan.

When I find a way to solve the adjacencies I’ll give 'PO_MatchRoomProperties` a try for sure.


Hi @martin6,

Are you able to use “PO_SolveAdjacency” command only for two rooms? Like these two?

Also, please provide some sample models for us to debug.

@mingbo it doesn’t work neither with this room pair nor with others.

Regarding the model here you are

Here is another quickly created sample.


solve_test.3dm (389.8 KB)

Hi @martin6 thanks for your models.

I just made some improvements to the new PO_SolveAdjacency command and tested it with your models. Now it should work expected.

A new version should be ready in a couple of hours.

Thanks again for your testing and models.

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A new developer’s version 0.125.1 has been released.