Space Names and Thermal Zone Names and Spacetypes

When I load the IDF into OpenStudio, the names go from nice things like “Classroom 1” to gibberish. In addition, space types aren’t assigned, so its hard to assign schedules and thermostats.

In the Export Model Manager, on step 9, I added program types, which does apply the right loads to each space, but doesn’t differentiate them by space type. It also doesn’t apply a thermostat to them.

I am looking for a way to have names that make sense, add space types to each zone, and add thermostats to each zone (ideally based on space type). Is there a way to do this?

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Hi @eschwartz, great questions!

This topic has come up a few times for the users who use the IDF/OSM files directly. This is happening because we use the room identifiers as opposed to the room display names when exporting the rooms to IDF or OSM to avoid name collision. You won’t notice this if you don’t check the OSM and use Pollination/Ladybug Tools to run and visualize the results but obviously, it is a problem if you want to use the IDF/OSM file directly.

Because of similar cases, we have added an option in step 9 that does the automated rename for the rooms if you save the file as an OSM pr IDF. We will bring this option to the model editor export to OSM to ensure you get human-readable names.

@chriswmackey will correct me but I suspect this is happening because the model editor currently is using the simplified IDF option from the model editor. If you use the export to IDF/OSM from step 9 you should see them being added to the spaces.

Can you try the export options in step 9 and see if it works as expected? I know the geometry will have issues but I want to confirm that the space type and thermostats are added correctly, and the names are set as expected so you won’t have any issues when we add these options to the model editor.

@chriswmackey, I think now that we have more users who use the exported file outside the Ladybug Tools and Pollination ecosystem, it might make sense to expose the options to automatically rename all the resources beyond the room names when saving them to OSM/IDF. It will be similar to what we discussed during the call yesterday with the Forte team.

I’m just confirming that you are generally correct here, @mostapha, with one tiny correction:

EnergyPlus does not have Space Types objects. E+ has a rough thing called a “Zone Group” that helps OpenStudio organize things by Space Type but it’s not the same as a Space Type. Space Types are an OpenStudio-only feature. So you are never going to get them by importing an IDF into the OpenStudio Application.

Once we expose the “Save As OSM” option in the Model Editor, all of the space types will come through in the saved OSM. For the time being, exporting the OSM from step 9 should show them correctly right now. @eschwartz, you’ll also see that the schedules get exported to OSM in a format that can be viewed/edited in the OpenStudio Application (unlike when they are imported from IDF).

Just to provide a better answer to this:

The answer is yes. The objects that you’re using to assign schedules/loads in the Revit plugin are called Program Types, @eschwartz , and we intentionally called them something different than Space Type because they’re not perfectly equal to OpenStudio Space Types. That’s because they not only include all lighting, equipment, people, and infiltration but they also include things that are assigned at the Zone level like thermostat setpoint schedules, minimum outdoor air ventilation requirements, service hot water loads, and even things like humidification setpoints (if they exist). In short, they supply everything that is needed to describe the usage of the room (aka. the Program).

So, when you assign a program like 2019::LargeOffice::OpenOffice to a Room, you are not just assigning things like occupancy but also thermostat setpoint schedules that include a setback for when the Room is unoccupied.

Yea, we can do this. The core library methods to re-name and number everything already exist now. And they’ll even do things like fixing the Surface boundary conditions that reference other Rooms in the model by their identifier. I’ll put it on my to-do.


I was successful in downloading as an OSM from Export Manager. Names are better (by far!) than they were, but would love more customization or ability to change them. Us engineers don’t always agree with architects’ naming convention :grinning: . The program suggesting in step 9 also helped with space type, thermal zone, and thermostats.

So naturally, just looking for a reconciliation of the Snapshot Manager exporting to OS or Export Manager able to use the Snapshot Manager geometry fixes now.


Thank you for testing, @eschwartz! The reconciliation will happen soon!

How do you want to change the names? If you want to change the names manually, you can try changing the names from the table. It even has a check to ensure the name is not duplicate.

@antonellodinunzio, the editor changes the zoom when I rename the rooms for some reason. It is not a blocker but it can be annoying! :smiley:

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@antonellodinunzio reminded me that we also have some a built-in feature for renaming multiple rooms together.