"split room by floor area %" option for PO_SplitRoom command?

having an option in PO_SplitRoom to input a floor area percent in which to divide a core or perimeter space programmatically; would be super nifty. for instance 60\40 lab\office etc
Knowing that “program blending by ratio” is an existing option; some folk I work with do not like to blend programs by ratio and instead would appreciate if possible; adding to the PO_SplitRoom command a ‘by floor area %’ option.

for example, the floor below, sans the two rectangular “services” zones in the core:
the floor was manually split by floor area percentage to facilitate the correct distribution of “program A”, and “program B”.
The ability to automate that floor-area weighted split would be quite nice!

Hi @tfedyna! We already chat about this but thinking it over my suggestion was a bit too much for this. There are easier ways to do this. Here is a script and a video that explains the logic. Hope it helps!

UPDATE: I figured out what was wrong with data trees right after I uploaded the video. Here is the fixed version.

split_room_by_percentage.gh (15.6 KB)

@mingbo, let me know what you think about this solution. I’m not convinced that this is common enough to be a Rhino plugin command but I leave it to you to make the call.