Studies doesn't work

Hi, every time i try to run a study charging the model from the cloud it gives me the same problem: it starts loading the files and then it restarts by saying that nothing was loaded.
Is anybody facing the same issue?

Hi, @giacomobragadini - This is probably a UI issue but from what I see the studies have been scheduled on Pollination: Pollination Cloud App

As a side note, I suggest you used the extruded mode for this model. Otherwise, you need to fix the ceilings for a few rooms.

thank you for your reply,
i am exporting in detail because all the recipes require the hbjson to work, is there a way to convert the file without passing through rhino? because I don’t have the software.
furthermore, i am having trouble because the Revit model is correct and i am not understanding why it is keeping on appearing like this i even tried to modify de ceiling but is still the same .
Anyway at this point, i am even more confused because when i validate the model it tells me that is ok.

Thank you again for your reply and your work