Sub elements of a Room are not filtered

If I search for a sub face (element) of a room there is no way to find anything unless I use a Grasshopper work around.

Is it possible to filter / show sub elements of a room too?

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Hi @martin6, I’m very happy that you asked for this feature. @mingbo and I have discussed this in depth. The challenge is that we use Breps under the hood to keep track of the room. In Rhino, each Brep has a unique ID but this is not the case for BrepFaces. To be able to find them quickly we need to create our own parallel data structure which is possible but is a huge undertaking.

@antonellodinunzio, this might be a good case for developing a custom RhinoScript to address this limitation until we have a better built-in solution.

Hi @martin6,

I do not know your use-case.
If you need it for debugging you can test this script to filter apertures, doors and faces by Identifier. You can type just part of it.

script: Select sub objs by Identifier




Thank you @antonellodinunzio this is for sure helpful to identify elements in the scene.
Great work!