Suggestions for improving PO_SplitRooms command

At the ~9 second mark of this recording you select existing surfaces, however, when I try this command, it looks like you can’t select existing lines or polylines. What do you think about adding the ability to select existing lines?

Also, should the PO_Split Room command split apertures/doors?

Room split

Should PO_SplitRoom command options be consolidated?

With updated version, it seems “Draw” and “Plane” are redundant? Maybe the options should be “Select” for selecting existing geometry (line, polyline, or surface/plane) and “Draw” for drawing line, polyline, or plane?

Hi @victorbrac,

I just made some improvements to the command “PO_SplitRooms” that supports selecting existing curves.


That’s going to be helpful. Thanks for making the changes!

What do you think about the option consolidation I mentioned above? Perhaps “Draw” is no longer needed?

I think draw has its own use case for quickly drawing a cutter without adding geometry to Rhino. I think we should keep it.

Hi @victorbrac,

As @mostapha said here, those options are for drawing new cutters, but I understand your confusion. I made some improvements to the names, hopefully, it clears all confusion:

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Looks good! Yes that’s what I meant. Don’t get rid of ability to draw cutter in command, just better labeling. Now user will know to select existing cutters or pick one of three options to draw new cutter.

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