Suggestions for improving PO_SplitRooms command

At the ~9 second mark of this recording you select existing surfaces, however, when I try this command, it looks like you can’t select existing lines or polylines. What do you think about adding the ability to select existing lines?

Also, should the PO_Split Room command split apertures/doors?

Room split

Should PO_SplitRoom command options be consolidated?

With updated version, it seems “Draw” and “Plane” are redundant? Maybe the options should be “Select” for selecting existing geometry (line, polyline, or surface/plane) and “Draw” for drawing line, polyline, or plane?

Hi @victorbrac,

I just made some improvements to the command “PO_SplitRooms” that supports selecting existing curves.


That’s going to be helpful. Thanks for making the changes!

What do you think about the option consolidation I mentioned above? Perhaps “Draw” is no longer needed?

I think draw has its own use case for quickly drawing a cutter without adding geometry to Rhino. I think we should keep it.

Hi @victorbrac,

As @mostapha said here, those options are for drawing new cutters, but I understand your confusion. I made some improvements to the names, hopefully, it clears all confusion:

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Looks good! Yes that’s what I meant. Don’t get rid of ability to draw cutter in command, just better labeling. Now user will know to select existing cutters or pick one of three options to draw new cutter.

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@mingbo -

In your recording above, the PO_SplitRoom command appears to extrude lines/polylines and split room. However, when I try to replicate by selecting an existing polyline, I get an error that cutter does not intersect space. Is this feature still supported?

Could polylines be added as option under “draw” command? All current options in command only allow for simple cuts.

Polyline Split Issue
Split w/ existing polyline - does not work

Error message

trude curve then split with existing surface - **works

Hi @victorbrac,

It is a bit harder to draw polylines within PO_SplitRoom command, but I fixed the bug that you mentioned above with the existing polyline.

The bug was because of the direction of the existing polyline and it extruded in the opposite direction which failed to intersect with the room.

You can download the latest installer with this fix.