Support edited OSM files as an input for the comfort recipes

Hi @chriswmackey. One issue I am facing is that I am not able to upload an edited OSM file as I could do to the custom energy recipe! Can we run edited OSM file also?

One more update to this. If I run the HBjson file without using edited OSM file , it starts the simulation but throws error. In the debug page it shows energy simulation ran successfully though. The error steps doesn’t show any error message!

This is the Pollination link Pollination Cloud App

Hi @asisnath ,

It’s not currently possible to input an OSM or IDF for the comfort recipes since these formats don’t have any sensor grids. At some point, I think I’ll add an input for additional grids, which would allow this to work. But, for now, the comfort recipes only accept honeybee models.

Steps of the recipe can fail because someone else needs the node but, if this happens, a new node will start up . So the whole recipe should still succeed if the input model was valid.

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I just wanted to say that I have been thinking about this recently and I I’m currently leaning towards focusing on making HBJSON a robust interface for OpenStudio rather than trying to support an OSM input on the comfort recipes. There’s just a lot of operations that need to be done on the model to accurately produce detailed comfort maps and its really tough to do them on an OSM (or OSM imported to a honeybee model for that matter).

One issue that I found recently was that, in order to get the solar distribution calculation of the E+ simulation to be correct for these detailed studies, I have to do some triangulation on concave model geometries, which is easy to do in Honeybee but tough to do in OpenStudio. Furthermore, even if I was to use the OSM>HBJSON pathway to help with this, all dynamic objects in the OSM aren’t going to be import-able back into HBJSON so they won’t be accounted for correctly in the shortwave Radiance calculation of the comfort maps. Lastly, trying to put sensor grids into an OSM really seems like a hack more than anything else and I haven’t really found another case where I would use this functionality if we added it.

Given this and the fact that we’ve decided that we’ll eventually support serializing entire IronBug HVACs into HBJSON, I feel like we should be able to support all of the cases where people would have wanted to run an OSM through the comfort maps using HBJSON.

@asisnath ,
Is my understanding correct that the main reason you wanted to plug an OSM into the comfort mapping recipes was to model the behavior of an HVAC system that you assigned to the OSM?


Hi @chriswmackey . You are right. I wanted to run comfort recipe with detailed HVAC system that have been edited in OS interface. But as you said in previous post, as it needs sensor grids and OS doesnt support grids that was not possible.

FYI, @asisnath ,

We have added official support for simulating detailed Ironbug HVAC systems as part of Honeybee models (HBJSON):

With this new capability, you should be able to simulate comfort maps for essentially any case that you would have previously needed to use an edited OSM.

For this reason, we don’t plan on trying to get the comfort maps to accept OSMs as input or trying to find a way to add sensor grids to an OSM (at least not for the foreseeable future).