Support edited OSM files as an input for the comfort recipes

Hi @chriswmackey. One issue I am facing is that I am not able to upload an edited OSM file as I could do to the custom energy recipe! Can we run edited OSM file also?

One more update to this. If I run the HBjson file without using edited OSM file , it starts the simulation but throws error. In the debug page it shows energy simulation ran successfully though. The error steps doesn’t show any error message!

This is the Pollination link Pollination Cloud App

Hi @asisnath ,

It’s not currently possible to input an OSM or IDF for the comfort recipes since these formats don’t have any sensor grids. At some point, I think I’ll add an input for additional grids, which would allow this to work. But, for now, the comfort recipes only accept honeybee models.

Steps of the recipe can fail because someone else needs the node but, if this happens, a new node will start up . So the whole recipe should still succeed if the input model was valid.

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