The difference between a reference plane versus a model line for aligning the model

Oh this is likely a much better workflow for dealing with this model. Thank you for sharing the video. I love this solution for dealing with this in Revit.

Can you clarify when you should use a reference plane versus a model line? I didn’t fully understand from the video.

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I should confess that it has been a challenge to explain this one! :see_no_evil:

A reference plane works like an infinite line. Every line in the level that is at a distance smaller than the threshold from the reference plane will be aligned to a reference plane.

A model line is finite. It only affects the parts of the model that are between the start and end point of the model line.

For instance, in this example, if the orange line is a Model Line then it will only affect the Hall and the Mechanical room. But if you draw it as a reference plane, then it will also affect the edge of the living room even though the line is not drawn all the way down in front of the living room.

Hope it helps! I should probably record a video and show the difference between the two cases by switching between the two.

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Very helpful. Thank you!

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