The organization doesn't show up when trying to create a new project

Thanks @mostapha for the video. When I create a new project, it doesn’t give me an option to put it under NBBJ organization.

Hi @monahmi - This is happening because you are not an owner of NBBJ organization. Only an owner can create a new project under the organization.

Once they create the project. They can give you write access to the project so you can create new studies under the project. That is by design.

Here are a few solutions:

  1. The owner of the organization creates a project. Then she creates a team under the organization and adds the team to the organization with write permissions. Then you can submit your studies to that project.
  2. She makes you an owner.

I can see that our documentation hasn’t been updated with the latest UI but you can see it here. I will record a video on how to create a new project, create a team and add them to the project soon.

Thanks a lot @mostapha. Really appreciate your prompt response.