The windows from the host model don't show up in apetures selection

Hey @mostapha , It’s really very useful to have the link manager integrated in this new version. I am not sure what I am doing wrong but I can’t anymore see the windows of the host model in this version.

Hey @ffotsing99, I can’t tell without seeing the model. If I’m not mistaken we always load all the Windows from the host model. For the linked model, you can manage them from the links manager of course. @ksobon, can you guess what might be causing this?

@ffotsing99 check if your links are loaded first. That would be the most common reason why they are not showing, and of course what Mostapha said. They have to be checked in the Links Manager to then be used for calculating Apertures or Context Shades.

@ksobon! Thanks. But don’t we load everything from the host model anyways? From what I see in the screenshot the Window category is missing from the host model itself not the other linked models. Does it mean that there are no Windows in the host model? @ffotsing99, can you confirm that there are Window types in your host model?

@mostapha @ksobon there are window types in the host model. I tried many models and I keep getting the same issue. While the windows used to show up in the previous Revit pollination plugin.
Also, I used linked models like structural/landscape mainly for context shades.

Hi, @ffotsing99 - that’s not the expected behavior. Is it possible to share one of those files with us privately? What is the version of the Revit that you are using? I’m trying to recreate the issue on our end with no luck.

Hi @mostapha I am using Revit 2022. Can you point me where to share the files privately?

Excellent! Once we have the file we should be able to help you quickly.

You can click on my profile and then send a private message. I already sent one to you. Let’s use that for sharing the file.

@ffotsing99 we found the bug! Thanks for sharing the model. Fix for it will be in the next release.

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@ksobon thanks for letting me know. Looking forward to the next release!

@ffotsing99, I uploaded the latest version to the dev installer. You can download it from the same link and give it a try. Let us know how it goes.