"Trimming" Room Geometry without loosing Room data

So I have this model: in which I have used the ‘HB Move’ as a means to duplicate a repeating floorplan in grasshopper right.
Some of the adjacencies are not solving / face type’s being ID’d.

Checking the geom heights: everything is the same ‘4.72440m’, as my kneejerk was "I probably made some tiny errors in room geom as… I always forget 2D workflow is the cleanest.

My non-Pol RH workflow to rectify this: as typically would be using Rh layer based geometry pipelines:

would be to:

sub-select all ‘top faces’ of the story geom:

make taller, create a ‘single cutting brep’ to bool-diff everything explicitly clean-perfect-planar

It appears that ‘gets rid of the room geom’ in association to the Rh Pol ‘Room manager’ of the selected room. (Tested it on not a project model first so no calamity here).
And ‘PO_SplitRoom’: the naming convention of the “original” room when split is lost:
I don’t have anything other than a naming convention applied to the rooms in question, and the ‘test rooms’ to figure a quick way to minimize rework so I’ve 0 idea about other room props and the likes in this reguard.

Not a big deal: Going room by room, will solve the issue I believe; but would just take a bit longer.

Hi @trevor, I can’t say I fully understand the problem here. By “Trimming” do you mean splitting the room? Can you share a step by step workflow with screenshots so I understand what are you trying to do. We have several commands that can help you with cleaning up the geometry from 3D to 2D and extrude them back to 3D but I need to understand your workflow better before suggesting one or another.

Hi @mostapha I’ve been stuuupid slammed busy of late: This is on my to-do list to circle back on over the weekend when I have finished some milestones and can exhale :sweat_smile: :rofl:

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