Unable to load a large number of runs as one job

For some reason I’m unable to load a large number of runs as one job.
When trying to upload 2187 runs after a couple of minutes of uploading I get an error “Error calling CreateArtifact: The request timed-out.”

These same runs load successfully when divided into two parts, however my final goal requires a lot more simulations, which makes this approach difficult to use.

What is the cause of this problem and is there a more convenient and faster way to upload runs to the server? Thanks!

Hi @artmouser, sorry for the delayed response.

The Grasshopper plugin tries to do a few tasks together and that can become a bottleneck in cases like yours. In particular, in a standard workflow, you can upload the files to Pollination first and then reference them in the runs.

Our initial hope was that users will customize the recipes so for example like this you would have uploaded all your geometry scenarios and then use a recipe that looks up the folder and starts the runs. In that case, because the files have been already uploaded to Pollination, they can be picked up by each run without facing issues like the one that you are facing here.

@mingbo, is the time-out limit something that we can increase to avoid scenarios like this?