Unit incosistency between input values vs. OpenStudio report


When comparing the Program Type inputs of the PO model (Flow/Area, Infiltration), the displayed units do not match the units being shown in the OpenStudio report:

Are the units m3/s/m2 or m3/h/m2?
We calculated the model assuming the input for seconds, which is incorrect, if the values are being used assuming per hour values.


Thank you, @furtonb for bringing this to our attention. I’m also copying @chriswmackey here. Between him and @mingbo we should be able to help you with this issue.

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Hi @mostapha ,

Is there any news on this?

Hi @furtonb,

I did a quick test on my end to verify which part went wrong. It seems it is an issue happening within the OpenStudio Report’s unit conversion. The number with the default unit (CFM/ft2) from the OpenStudio report is correct and aligns with the raw EnergyPlugs’ value which is the same input from the Honeybee. But when you ask OpenStudio to convert the report to a different unit system, it messes things up.

This is a critical discovery, I think we should have another person @chriswmackey double check to ensure my conclusion is correct.

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Hey @furtonb ,

It’s definitely m3/s/m2. So the Rhino Plugin, LBT Grasshopper plugin, and all of the input interfaces are correct.

@mingbo is right that this is a bug in the OpenStudio Results report, which we hadn’t caught because NREL developed this measure and maintains it. And I guess NREL probably does all of its testing using IP units so that’s probably why they didn’t catch it either. I just reported the bug to them:

In the meantime, I can push a fix to the recipe on pollination. I’ll post back here once it is implemented.

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@furtonb ,

I pushed a fix so that, if you use the LB Versioner and then run the recipe locally, the units will be correct:

It’s going to take a little longer to get the recipe updated on Pollination but I’ll let you know when it’s ready.

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FYI, @furtonb . Sorry it took a while but the version of the recipe on Pollination has been updated with the latest measure:

So the units will now also display correctly there.