Unreasonable heating and cooling loads

Hi @chriswmackey , yes your link and @mingbo 's enhancement really are great and helped a lot to figure out something is wrong here definitely!

Modeling and calculating quite a bit in the past days I was wondering why I couldn’t get rid of unreasonable peak loads for heating and cooling.
When you have a balance chart like this

then a cooling peak of 3700 W in a restroom is a bit weird

not really corresponding to the solar gain in the building

Looks like that’s not the case.
But if it’s just the arrangement of the rooms, I still wonder if a cooling peak of 24000 W makes any sense?

Hi @chriswmackey , sorry to bother you again,

there is still this issue and I’m not sure if I can trust any results related to peak loads.
Things have changed a bit in the meantime, but the cooling peak in a north east facing room is not real.

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Hi @martin6, thank you for the update on both posts. We haven’t forgotten about these. It’s just the long list of tasks for the end of the year that we are working on.

@chriswmackey, I know you have a long list of tasks to take care of but can you let @martin6 know when do you think you will get a chance to check this?

Sorry that I am just seeing this. I don’t completely understand why the results for this case are unreasonable. The annual load balance doesn’t necessarily have a big impact on the peak load balance. What does the peak load balance look like for the rooms that you are uncertain about?

Like you see in this sample file.

Also, if you have a model that recreates the issue, that would be helpful.

Is there any update on this @martin6 ? Or do you have a file for me to check?

If not, I will unassign myself from this shortly.