Use PO_SplitRoom for splitting multiple rooms together

:smile:I was literally just looking this up, and of course there is a topic for exactly this… I echo the desire for a split via drawn line in the top view… so happy to see that’s already implemented!

Next question… Can you split multiple rooms?
say we have all of the floor plates stacked up, and they share a elevator core, it doesn’t seem like the command allows for selection of multiple rooms. I get “Cannot use the objects. Removing them from selection”… Hoping to have a better solution than copying up the split floor and reassigning all of the glazing surfaces.


That’s correct. That is how the command is set up right now. I don’t know what it takes to implement it for multiple rooms but from what I see Rhino Split command allows selecting multiple objects. Hopefully, that means that we can also improve the command to work with multiple rooms. As you know my words here don’t count. Let’s wait and see what @mingbo thinks about this.

Hi @jakechevriersg,