Validation error after Split room command

I am encountering a peculiar error. I am trying to describe my steps -

  1. Here is a small zone of a big model till when validation is valid.

  2. Now I did a Po_SplitRoom command to divide into three zones. And ran Po_validate. It threw this error.

  3. Keeping three zones I used PO_Removeproperties command and reassigned the zones. Now validation shows valid.

Is it common?

Here is the model
BaseFF.3dm (2.8 MB)

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Hi @asisnath, thanks. This might be somewhere I forgot to re-generate face ids for new faces, and this command might be added before the validation command.

I will look into it today.


Hi @asisnath I have fixed it in the new version.

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Tha ks @mingbo. It now working