Validation error with interior door In Revit Pollination plugin

Hi all,
First of all like to acknowledge that, Revit plugin is a great tool for BIM modellers and have become an integrated part of design. Though I work more in Archicad rather than Revit, I was disheartened of not being able to use the Revit plugin. After trying IFC import export between these two manually , finally I am happy to say that I get clean Revit IFC model with zones that had been created in Archicad environment by using there Archicad Revit IFC converter plugin.

I used the Revit Pollination plugin to extract the HB zone model and it worked perfecly extracting windows, doors and zones. Now its possible for archicad IFC model to be used indirectly for HB zone model extraction.

But within this I found 1 issue that, If I dont delete the interior door the model throws me this error.

Once I delete the door it gets validated.

Except this all the functionalities are running seamlessly with this IFC model.
I am sharing the revit file for reference .

Hi @asisnath, It looks like the boundary condition was not set correctly by the Revit plugin. That should have been an easy one to fix for us.

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Hi. Any update to this?