Visualize the results on UTCI on rhino and Grasshopper plugin

Hi guys,

I ran a UTCI analysis and it worked but I am not able to visualize the results. I searched through your website but I didn’t find a tutorial/guideline to import the results correctly. I have imported the analysis previously completed on the cloud but I am stucked at this point (see image below) – I extract this 3 documents (grid.csv; grid_info.json and results_info.json) but I don’t know where should I import them. Can you please help me with it?

I have also tried the Grasshopper plugin but I was not able to understand where to connect the cvs file to visualize the data


Hi, @jluofp - @chriswmackey and @mingbo can provide better answers but from what I see the UTCI output includes hourly results. The best way to visualize the results is to use Grasshopper and read the hourly results for the hours that you need.

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Assigning Chris in case he can share a sample Grasshopper script for visualizing the hourly UTCI results.

Hi Mostapha, thank you for your reply.
Let’s wait for more detailed info. It will be great to see the GH script to properly read these results.

Hey @jluofp ,

Here is a Grasshopper script that downloads the results of your study and loads them into Grasshopper for visualization: (28.3 KB)

Given that you are visualizing a big matrix of hourly UTCI values, you are just going to be looking at the average UTCI over your whole simulation by default but you can use the sim_step_ or period_ inputs of the HB Visualize Thermal Map component to visualize a single hour of the simulation or an average over a given time period.

Hope that helps.


Hi @chriswmackey,

That is amazing! Thank you so much