'volatile' apertures?

I think I’m on the right path but have one more step to take:
When I use this to grab rooms I want, do en-masse aps by ratio, then bake in Pol:

Failed to bake: Aperture "Face_ab9116e1-a901-4bca-b9fc-7c522424007c_Glz0"" has a parent Face. Add the Face to the model instead of the Aperture.
I’m assuming that the wanted ‘volatile’ aperature: would be one pre-assignment of parent:
i.e the aperture object before ‘hb add subface’.
which is nbd: can SDK that right quick:
Just wondering:
am I missing something super obvious?
otherwise I’m going to do the ole:

from ladybug_rhino.from_geometry import from_face3D_to_solid as ffts

new_geom = [ffts(ap.geometry, 0) for ap in aps_ ]

feed that into the geom component of an HB Aperture compo, then feed that into the PO bake apertures compo

nvm just ignore me… lol

One should use the room component instead.


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