Window system export


I have a Revit model with many types of window systems with top and bottom as solid panels and glass in the middle. I guess the Revit Plugin export reads the window system as a whole glazing system and so it is exported as all glass? Is there a way to export only the glazing part of window system as glass and the top/bottom panel as wall? The last thing I would want to do is to export and fix this manually.


Hi, @ffotsing99!

Fortunately, we have implemented this option recently. You can pick them based on the material.

Click on the (...) next to the aperture and you will see the list of the materials and you can pick the ones that are supposed to be glass.

I will send you a link for downloading the developer version that has this feature implemented already.

Hi, @ffotsing99 - did the new filter resolve your problem here?

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