Ability to denote general Room/Space types or have Manage Room Properties pick up the room/space tag info

This is more of a suggestion but something that may benefit myself and other who use IES, even others who use a software to calculate loads.

One thing that has made my life easier is creating a room or space tag that has a comment label that I use to specify the type of room (not to be confused with the room name). I would do this when using IES’ ConstructDXF function which would read the space tags and assign the entire tag as the room name.

What was beneficial about this was the ability to easily sort the rooms in IES to apply a template and not have to hunt down each room in the list of hundreds of room to apply a template.

I attached an image to show what I mean.

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Hi @rafaelhok,

This is possible. We already allow you to include any of the room/space parameters in the export process. We can pick them up during the translation to the GEM file and use them as the room name.

Before I create a workflow for that, it looks like you have already come up with a workflow in Revit to do the same. Am I right that you prefer this to be happening outside the Revit environment and as part of the translation routine?

From what I see, you want to use comments to assign the program type, and you want to add the level in front of the room name.


First let me start by saying thanks you for replying.
Second, so far this was my first day learning the plug-in so forgive me if I suggest something that has already been implemented. I may have not gotten that far in the tutorials to discover. I did notice the User Data option and I am still playing around with that.

Correct, I did create a workflow in Revit where I use the “comment” label to assign the program type. This comes in handy because the user can create space schedule with the “comment” parameter or use the properties window, select all the rooms that are certain program type and have that show up in the tag.

This has been the workflow I have been using with the ConstructDXF feature for IES.

This would be a more ideal approach

Comments label (for program type) - Room Name - Room Number - Level

Hi @rafaelhok,

After thinking about this more, and seeing a couple of other cases where users wished to change the naming convention I think this should be implemented as a core feature of the Revit plugin. Otherwise, we will end up writing so many apps just to rename the rooms.

I’ll document this internally for @ksobon and get back to you. I consider this task a medium priority since you already have a workaround solution. Let me know otherwise.