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A category for all your scripting and development questions for apps, recipes or other software using Pollination technologies.

If you are not a developer, use this category to share your ideas about Pollination apps that you would like to see.

If you are a developer, use this category to share your apps with the community or to ask your questions about developing apps.

See this repository for several sample apps to get yourself started.

Documentation for building apps is here:

For working directly with Pollination REST API and Pollination SDKs see these resources:

  1. Getting started developer guide
  2. Interactive API documentation
  3. Human readable API documentation
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These are wonderful examples! I also went through the Streamlit tutorials and find the app to be quite useful.

Can you share resources for better understanding the Ladybug, Honeybee, and Pollination libraries in python?

I understand the basics of what is being done in the examples but I don’t know the libraries well enough in python to start producing my own apps. I think I’m missing some of the basics.

Hi @justinshultz! Thanks.

@chriswmackey is the better person to answer this question with several links but I try my best for now.

For the Ladybug Tools libraries, you can start from here. It lists all the libraries with a link to their documentation:

For Pollination, the only library that you need to work with inside the apps is pollination-streamlit.

We don’t have proper docs for the library yet but the sample apps should be a good place to see how they should be used.

I think the easiest and most practical way to get you started with the SDKs is to help you with some sample code for specific apps. If you can write a topic on Discourse and explain what you have in mind for an app and which parts are not clear, we can start helping you with providing some sample code.