Add Revit to eQuest Export Settings for HVAC Mapping

Hi Mostapha,

eQuest is inherently very unfriendly when mapping HVAC systems to zones or zones to HVAC systems. A user would need a lot of time to apply changes, add, or remove HVAC systems or zones assigned to those systems

Feature Request
I would kindly request that as part of the Revit export settings, the user can select whether the systems be assigned as:

  1. One HVAC system for the entire building
  2. One HVAC system per floor
  3. One HVAC system per each zone
    This adds incredible amount of control and reduces friction when exporting models to eQuest.

Additional Notes
From the Syden Opera example .inp I realized that you have option 2 above: system per floor; and that’s generally good but I see people preferring option 3 for residential and office towers. Also, your zones are currently all assigned as unconditioned and your systems assigned as “SUM” - and I just want to inform you that this is fine and workable until we get more advanced export features in the future.


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Hi @bmaarouf,

Thank you so much! Appreciate you taking the time to document this. I like the idea and I think we can even be more flexible and let users group the rooms as needed but we can start with the 3 options that you mentioned.

Can you help me to understand how did you figure this out from the INP file or the eQuest UI?

Let me know if you want me to create a smaller model for you for testing. I have also updated the INP files for the Revit sample models to GitHub if those are easier to inspect. I imagine the Revit basic model should be a good case to use as a reference.

  1. How did I know it’s system per floor?
  • From the Sydney_Opera_House.inp I can scroll down to line 69767 and start reading the first system created “Level_0flr_Sys (SUM)” = SYSTEM any zones written under this system will be mapped to this system. As such, I see 5 HVAC systems:
    “Level_0flr_Sys (SUM)” = SYSTEM line #69767
    “Level_1flr_Sys (SUM)” = SYSTEM line #69821
    “Level_2flr_Sys (SUM)” = SYSTEM line 69843
    “Level_3flr_Sys (SUM)” = SYSTEM line #69865
    “Level_4flr_Sys (SUM)” = SYSTEM line 69879
    And I see zones defined under each of the 5 systems above. It seems to me that the zones in each floor are assigned to one system. Meaning, one system per floor.

  • Assuming a person import this .inp to eQuest, when you navigate to the air-side tab in the UI you will see the same arrangement I described above.

  1. Can I help in testing?
  • Absolutely, let me know when you have that ready.
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Got it! Thank you so much. This is basically an additional mapping. Should be straightforward to implement.

cc: @tfedyna

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Hi! @bmaarouf
I’ve attached two versions of the sydney opera house model, one containing option 1 one building = one system.
as well as option 3, one system per zone.
You may notice there are also schedules and loads ( lighting, people, electric equipment and infiltration )
That is a new feature as well
model_method_test_model.inp (2.1 MB)
room_method_test_model.inp (2.1 MB)


Thanks Trevor, happy to engage with you again on this front. It’s great to see schedules assigned now. Let me know if I can help or test anything furhter.

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Likewise! And thank you, I’ll be sure to take you up on that!