Adding NECB K schedules to default schedules

@chriswmackey Slightly off topic, but I have a request for the next honeybee update. The NECB schedules in the schedule.json file are missing NECB K. It would be great if these could be added at some point.

I added NECB K schedules to this file locally and it works fine. Only issue is every update I have to replace the file. Is there a way to update the schedules.json path in grasshopper to a different location?

schedule.json (7.4 MB)

Hi @cameron-lawrence ,

The quickest way to address this issue on your end is to add the json of just the K schedules to the following folder:


That folder is not touched during any of the update processes. And the core libraries are smart enough to look for the schedules there if they are referenced in your NECB program types.

That said, I could likely include the K schedules in the next release of honeybee-energy-standards if the schedule is in OpenStudio Standards and I can identify why the schedule is not translating to honeybee. Can you share a JSON with only the K schedules so that I know which ones you are referring to?

Thanks for the info. Do we have to use a specific naming convention for the JSON file so that the core libraries are able to find the referenced schedule?

No. As long as it is a .json file in that schedules folder, it will be found by the core libraries. However, if the JSON file is not in the correct format or it is referencing other objects that are not included in the user standards library, it will not be loaded.

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