Air_speed of the adaptive comfort map recipe

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I have a set of wind speed data from the cfd analysis, I organized it into a cvs file according to the number and order of the gird points of the model (multiple rooms), and input it into the air_speed of the adaptive comfort map recipe. the calculation shows that it is failing.

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I think the problem is in the format of the cvs file, can someone please tell me how to input the air_speed correctly?

Hi @ziyudexiushisheji3 ,

You’re on the right track with your formatting not being correct but the problem is with what you’re plugging into the recipe. It’s supposed to be the path to a folder with one CSV per sensor grid and not the path to a single CSV file. Also, given the screenshot that you have there, I assume that you have plugged in a run_peroid for only a single hour. Otherwise, that CSV should have more columns.

See this discussion here for more info and samples:

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I fixed my error by plugging a folder into air_speed. this was receiving errors like 1. Solution exception:No JSON object could be decoded.


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Thanks @ziyudexiushisheji3 ,

Actually, my previous answer was not entirely correct. It seems that I have not yet added support for full air speed matrices in the Adaptive Comfort Map. I only did it for the UTCI map since there hasn’t been a request to do it for adaptive comfort until now.

Do you only intend to run the comfort map for a single hour? If you don’t actually need the higher temporal resolution that is offered by the comfort mapping recipes, then you can do this much more quickly and simply by post-processing the MRT results of the adaptive comfort map with the LB Adaptive Comfort component with your custom air speeds. If you upload me a sample Grasshopper definition with your model, I can show how to do this.

If I’m wrong and what you’re running here is just a test before you run a multi-hour simulation, then I’ll need a little bit of time to expose support for the air speed CSV input on the adaptive comfort map recipe.

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I actually intend to run it for 1 day and then average the condition results on each sensors.
It is true that I can use the Adaptive Comfort command to find the values for 24 time points and post-process these data. But very sadly Idon’t know how to use the IndoorSolarMRT component.
I have uploaded my simple model, can you show me how to connect the IndoorSolarMRT component?

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Adaptive (404.2 KB)

Hey @ziyudexiushisheji3 ,

Here is a sample that shows you how you can include the air speed by just post-processing results with your custom air speeds.

Adaptive (441.2 KB)

It’s not the most efficient possible way to run this calculation but it gets the job done and you can see that I structured it so that you can run your adaptive comfort study for a full 24 hour period.

You’ll also notice that is does not use the Indoor MRT component and instead just uses the post-processed MRT and air temperature values from the Adaptive Comfort map recipe. This is what I would recommend since just using the indoor solar MRT component won’t accurately account for the indoor air temperature or the indoor surface temperatures.

Hopefully, this gives you what you need and it can tide you over until I eventually add support for CSV air speed inputs to the adaptive comfort recipe.


Thank you very much for your easy to understand instructions, a very good new idea!
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