AirBoundary error: non-interzone surfaces


I’ve a large model where I’ve drawn many guide surfaces for AirBoundary. And here’s the error message from the energy run. Can I ask if there is a way to find out which 2 guide surfaces are non-interzone? Any PO command or debugging process you would recommend? Thanks.

** Severe ** SetupEnclosuresAndAirBoundaries: 2 surfaces use Construction:AirBoundary in non-interzone surfaces.

Found the solution: I filtered the internal floor of the PO model, and compared with the guide surfaces.

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Hi @xavierzhou - Thank you for creating the topic, and also posting the solution! I appreciate it!

This is an error that the validation routine should catch for you and show you the problematic faces. Did the model pass the validation?

I didn’t add AirBoundary in the pollination model, because there’s no easy way to change AirBoundary once they are added to the PO rooms, I asked this question in another post.