Aligning concentric rooms

What is the best way to close the gap between concentric rooms like this? Will align work the same here?

Hi, @crduggin,

You should be able to draw several model lines and use them to align the geometry. The alignment lines can be any shape as long as you use straight lines.

That said, for this particular model, it might be easier to edit the room-bounding property of those walls and let Revit adjust the edge of the room automatically.

Ah, straight lines. I tried curved lines. Makes sense though since they will be divided into segments.

How would you edit the room-bounding properties? You thinking to make the inside wall not bounding?

@crduggin yes, you want to turn off bounding for a finish wall, and let the lines meet at the center of the structural wall. You basically want the rooms to be bound by the same wall, and that should make the boundaries overlap because they would be created from the same wall center line.

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