All runs finished but the job is still running

Hi Folks,

Could someone please look into why this job is till running:
Pollination Cloud App

I sent two similar jobs like this to Pollination last night and one of the completed successfully
Pollination Cloud App
and the other one is still running (first link).



Hi @patrykwozniczka! Thank you for reporting this. I assigned @antoinedao to this topic so he can have a closer look. Meanwhile, I have a question for you from the product perspective. Why did you try to run two similar jobs in the first place? Are they different from one another? Or you ran two, hoping one will be finished sooner than the other one? Or is there a different reason?

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Thanks, @mostapha! Two jobs because of two separate office towers that are part of one project. I didn’t find a good way of separating their HVAC systems - therefore they’re similar but slightly different. But perhaps this can be done in a better way. If you’d like I can share privately the file that I used to generate those jobs.

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Hi @patrykwozniczka - am I right that both of the jobs are now finished successfully? It looks like there was a delay in updating the status.

@antoinedao and @tyler, this is a good case to study when we still can have a delay. However, it looks like the self-healing process has fixed the issue.

In this particular case, it doesn’t look like I need to check the files but if I did you could have simply added me to your organization and given me read access to the project. No need to send the files any more! :smiley: AKA web-based collaboration powered by Pollination! :pollination:

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@mostapha I actually cancelled the job to be able to retrieve the data (which is not a clean solution but worked for me).

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Hi all! I am facing the same issue here with an annual daylight simulation:
Pollination Cloud App
I think there is a delay in the status update.
Let me know if you can fix this! Thanks in advance.

Hello @emilianoadam ! Apologies for the poor experience here. I’ve documented the underlying cause and manually pushed the job to completion and updated its completion date. We’ll look into it to keep this from happening again in the future!

Thanks :smile_cat:

Side note: @emilianoadam, you should use one of the newer versions of the annual daylight recipe. The one that you are using is using the older distribution system which has been improved since.